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  Ayurveda is usually called science of life. It is based on  the adoption of a number of preventative and healing therapies, which can purify and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.Ayurveda is not just a healing system but it offers a healthy and disease-free living.,In present life people wandering to eliminate heavy weight problems and having dangerous medicines to play reduce these problems.But actually these medicines are too dangerous in future because it will affect the entire system of the body and will lead to other diseases like cancer.But in the case of Ayurveda it is absolutely different it is highly co operative with nature so there is no side effects at all.

  In India Bangalore is considered as the capital city of Ayurvedic hospitals because ayurvedic hospitals in bangalore offers better quality of treatment on affordable cost.

Udvartana  is a herbal paste lymphatic massage .In this treatment a paste prepared from various organic grains, flours, herbs and oils used to cleanse the skin. This helps to reduce fat patches from the body known as cellulites, toning of the muscles. As a result it helps to weight loss and improve circulation and reduces joint pains.  

Udvartana treatment carried out by two therapists for one hour and the massage is done in opposite direction of hair.

After the process the powder is removed from the body by using a dry towel. After taking rest for few minutes, hot water bath is given to the patient. This treatment will give better result without any side effect.

Udvartana helps you:

– handle aging gracefully
– remove body fatigue
– promote eyesight
– overcome some skin problems
– strengthen dhatus

  Udvartana leads to weight loss because of the increasing the basal metabolic rate. It is better treatment for skin care as its powerful exfoliating effect magically conditions the skin.

Udvartana treatment helps to eliminate lymphatic toxins and also improves sluggish circulation and digestion.It cleans the skin and balances kapha dosha.It makes the nerves system be effective and enables gases to flow by increasing metabolic rate.It is also called specialized weight reduction treatment. This treatment recommended for diseases like Hemiplegia, Paralysis, Obesity, etc.

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