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Though there is some debate, it is argued that the tomato was first grown by the Aztecs or Incas as early as 700AD and since this time they have become one of the most popular plants to grow at home for cooking and eating. The classification of the tomato is another area where there is a lot of contention. Scientifically speaking, the tomato is a fruit because it develops from the ovary in the base of the flower. However, its use in savoury cooking means that it is more commonly referred to by budding cooks as being a vegetable.

Easy To Grow

Regardless of when the tomato was first cultivated and whether it is a fruit or vegetable, one thing is known for certain – the tomato plant is a very popular plant for home cultivation. It is considered to be very rewarding because they are relatively easy to grow even in gardens or spaces that are extremely limited. Planting the tomato plant at the right time, feeding it properly, and caring for your tomato plant will ensure that you enjoy juicy tomatoes that are healthy and great tasting.

Growing Conditions

Frost is the most common killer of the garden tomato plant so be absolutely certain that the last frost of the year has indeed passed. Leave it a couple of weeks just to be sure that a surprise frost doesn’t strike. The tomato plant will typically grow best in temperatures well above freezing and if this isn’t possible then you should consider growing your tomato plant indoors or in a green house. Tomatoes will benefit from hotter months but they do require a good watering program for the best results.

Compost And Food

Using the right compost will help with early growth and continued development of the tomatoes. Tomatoes need a lot of nitrogen and you can purchase special tomato compost or grow bags that are designed especially for use in growing tomatoes. Once the plants begin to grown and the tomatoes appear, you can add further plant food in order to help further supplement the nitrogen that is required for your tomato crop to flourish.

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