Cervical Spondylosis Ayurvedic Herbs and Yoga for Myofascial Pain

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Cervical Spondolysis, a abrasion and breach of the base and discs in the close can be a able hazard with computer operators, clerks, administrator workers and it is actual important to administer the aforementioned at the earliest. Ayurvedic Herbs •  Guggul or Commiphora mukul. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory backdrop that will abate the deepening […]

Ayurvedic Yoga Retreats – A Nice Experience With Nature

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Do you want to have a deep yoga experience but do not find time from your daily routine? Or you have enough time but distraction from surrounding can’t let you concentrate on your exercises and meditation? Then yoga or ayurveda retreat is the best available solution for you. During retreat, a family who is experienced […]

Yoga and Ayurvedic Treatments – A Correlation Between Mind and Body

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As the world is developing in technology day by day we are moving away from nature. We have depleted nature’s every gift, polluted the environment with deforestation. Nature is reacting on us in the form of natural calamities and certain diseases. Moreover in this fast pace life, we don’t allow our body to fight with […]

Enhance Your Overall Personality With Ayurveda & Yoga

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Ayurveda, literally meaning ‘the Science of Life‘, shares an age-old relationship with India. Basically Ayurveda and Yoga are evolved from India only and have been practiced here for centuries. It is a holistic healing science in which the medicines are prepared from natural and organic materials making it the only totally eco-friendly medical science now […]

Yoga Retreats – Weekend Yoga Getaways

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So you’re salivating at the thought of going on a 7-day yoga retreat to Mexico with your favorite yoga studio but don’t think you’ll be able to take the time off. There is no need to feel defeated. There are many options available to you. One such alternative is a weekend yoga getaway. Yoga and […]

Find and Maintain Your Perfect Weight – the Yoga of Mindful Eating

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A common experience, among those who have practiced some form of yoga (or qigong or meditation) for a sustained period of time, is the experience of having ones weight stabilize, and maintain itself ~ almost magically ~ at the “perfect” level. This has certainly been my experience … Regardless of what I eat (and granted, […]

Herbs and Yoga For Healing

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Herbs and Their Healing Powers Through the ages, herbs were a critical component of most of the traditional and holistic therapies. They were the most vital medicinal agents all over the world and across various cultures. The West had used herbs extensively to cure various ailments and in the East, India and China had made […]

Psoriasis Ayurvedic Panchkarma and Yoga Management

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Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory, non-contagious skin disorder in which abrasions tend to form on knees, elbows, chest and other parts of body. It may be triggered by viral infections, immunization or extreme stress. In Ayurveda, Psoriasis is termed as ‘Sidhmam’ and is an imbalance of Vata and Kapha doshas. The treatment of psoriasis is […]

Affordable Eat, Pray, Love Yoga Retreats to Enrich Your Life, Warm Your Soul, and Nourish Your Body

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Not all of us can afford to traipse across Italy, India, and Bali in search of our bliss like Julia Roberts, but if you look closely, you might find a yoga retreat nearby that won’t break the bank but will still enrich your life, warm your soul, and nourish your body. For example, in Northeast […]

Heal Dreaded Disease with Yoga Ayurveda

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Article by Ayurvedagram.com If we go through rich texts about the Yoga, it comes to the knowledge that Yoga and Ayurveda combines a new science of healing and treatment used by Ayurveda therapist. Ayurveda is comprehensively related to the healing treatment of body by using the natural therapies and medicines and yoga as the natural […]

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