Ayurvedic Treatment for Weight Loss and Weight Gain

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Obesity and underweight both situations are very dangerous for people. Thus, they need to maintain a normal average weight that helps them to stay away from several diseases and problems. Usually, people suffer from obesity due to the improper diet chart and hectic life schedule. In order to manage the weight properly, people must try […]

Weight Loss Diet, Weight Loss Diet Plan, Ayurvedic Diet for Weight Loss, Weight Loss Diet India

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Learn how to lose weight fast with our weight loss diet plan and get practical tips for quick weight loss diet tips, weight loss guidance and support for healthy diet. At www.lifecentury.com, ayurvedic doctors and dietician provides a healthy diet plans. Here you’ll find the latest diet tips, articles, news and all related […]

Weight loss without medicines

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Over the years, it has been noticed that people are getting more conscious about their looks. Obesity is prevailing and hitting in every country with increase in cases like stress and other health hazards. However, weight reducing can be done with simple methods. Truly speaking, losing inches and weight is easy: you need to cut […]

Ayurvedic Treatment and Remedy for Weight Loss

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The ayurvedic treatments are known for thousands of years for their curable powers. In current days weight loss has become a real problem and with the use of ayurvedic treatment for weight loss you can easily get rid of those extra pounds in your life easily.  Let us look at the reason why we should […]

Udvartana,Ayurvedic Treatment for Weight Loss

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  Ayurveda is usually called science of life. It is based on  the adoption of a number of preventative and healing therapies, which can purify and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.Ayurveda is not just a healing system but it offers a healthy and disease-free living.,In present life people wandering to eliminate heavy weight problems […]

Ayurvedic Treatment for Weight Loss

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You again fail to bend and toe your shoe laces, which mean obesity is hitting you hard. Obesity is the most prevalent problem of the people. Most of the people in current scenario follow the hectic schedule that leads to the stress and depression. When it comes to burn excess fats from your body, ayurvedic […]

Natural Remedies for Weight Loss

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Ayurveda and naturopathy provides us a whole world of solution to any mental or bodily problems. Apart from the technical and therapeutic treatment that the Ayurveda provides, it also discusses some very simple norms or measures that have to be taken for the redemption or prevention of any disease or a problem. “Obesity” is such […]

Yogic Slim – Can This Alternative, Ayurvedic Formula Be the Path to Losing Weight?

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The natural Ayurvedic remedies that make up Yogic Slim have been around ever since the science of Ayurveda has been in existence. The fact that every other week a new fad diet is born, is all the proof we need in order to know that diets don’t really work, at least not for the long […]

Ayurvedic Herbs For Weight Loss – Healthy Weight Management

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Ayurvedic medicine, also called the Science of Life has promoted healthy weight management for centuries. Embracing health holistically, the principals of Ayurveda include the mental, social and spiritual aspects of life as well as the physical. Every Ayurvedic diagnoses assesses the individual as a whole. The ancient teachings of Ayurveda include admonishments to use this […]

Find and Maintain Your Perfect Weight – the Yoga of Mindful Eating

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A common experience, among those who have practiced some form of yoga (or qigong or meditation) for a sustained period of time, is the experience of having ones weight stabilize, and maintain itself ~ almost magically ~ at the “perfect” level. This has certainly been my experience … Regardless of what I eat (and granted, […]

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