Alternative Medicine – Ayurveda Tips to Restore Your Natural Balance, Health and Energy

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“Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food.” -Hippocrates Ayurveda is neither an academic subject nor a weird exotic theory. Ayurveda means “the science of life” and is a holistic approach to healing. It is based on ancient Eastern methods that help you attain health by re-establishing the body’s natural balance and […]

Shilajit – The Energy Booster

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The word ‘Shilajit’ literally stands for ‘exuding from the rocks’ in Sanskrit. Known as Shilajitu in Ayurveda, it was considered the nectar of Gods, a boon to mankind to live life youthfully and attain robust health. An integral component of Ayurvedic medicines, Shilajit is a Rasayana material and is known to contain 85 minerals. A […]

Shilajit Facts – Energy Medicines And Shilajit

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SHILAJIT generally speaking is a concentrated historic plant life essentially from the Himalayan region. It is a rich mineral pitch in it’s raw form. Shilajit is a compact mass of vegetable organic matter, composed of a gummy matrix interspersed with vegetable fibres and minerals. Substances which have been identified in Shilajit include moisture, gums, albuminoids, […]

Panchkarma Therapies To Infuse Energy

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Article by Ayurveda Gram In the regieme of Ayurveda, Panchkarma has established a place that transformed the way in which Ayurvedic treatment takes place. Specifically, Panchakarma has a literary meaning called “Five Actions”. This is the most popular and essential Ayurvedic purification and rejuvenation therapy prevailed in the domain. Even in the ancient times, Panchakarma […]

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