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The theory of Spas has its origin in the European countries where the mineral water springs first gave birth to exotic health resorts called Spas. These mineral water springs with medicinal properties provided just the right ambience for rejuvenation. The Spa holidays have increasingly obtained the spot of being one of the most preferred theme travels in India as well. The increasing levels of stress in the city life have resulted into an increase in the populations opting for Spa holidays in India as well. For attaining a relaxed mind and rejuvenated body many are opting for this method of detoxification.

The ancient medicinal practice of natural science- Ayurveda is practiced in India even now and makes the effect of India spa Resort holidays more efficient and is acclaimed internationally for their holistic treatments. The Ayurvedic treatments are traditional natural therapies that are performed using natural oils and herbs and are done under expert guidance. The stressful work regime and polluted environment causing stress and accumulation of toxins is a common trait of modern age and thus emphasizes the necessity of a spa treatment. A Spa holiday in India thus aims at holistic rejuvenation and the process involves synchronized massages, saunas and nutritional diets.

These special massages aims at pressure points of the body and thus cures the pain and stress right from their roots. The sauna treatment with herbal oils is to refresh and revitalize the body. A healthy diet is most essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and thus a nutritional diet prepared to meet the requirements of a person is an integral part of these Spa holiday tour packages in India. These diet help body fight the toxins and cleansing them. Along with the standard therapies various new additions are added to spa holiday travel in India. Herbal masks, Ayurvedic wraps and mixtures are some of the beautification techniques.

While on an India spa tour one comes across numerous choices of resorts availing perfect retreat to its guests. Amongst the finest Spa resorts in India Ananda Spa resort situated in the mountainous region of Uttaranchal is one of the most renowned ones. Overlooking the Himalayan ranges the resort is haven for those pleasure seekers and over the years with its efficient services has attained a good rank amongst best spas in India. Southern part of the nation is renowned for its preserving the science of Ayurveda. Kumarakom Lake Resort in Kerala situated in the heart of lush green ambiance in front of the backwaters is ideal for rejuvenation.

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