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Nizoral hair loss shampoo is one of a wide range of shampoos that is available to treat hair loss. Everybody wants to have a solution for their hair loss, and people are ready to try all the methods open to them. Nizoral hair loss shampoo is an anti-fungal shampoo which is good for treating dandruff. The shampoo helps block the hormone androgen and it also has effective anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation of the scalp increases the itching, irritation and tingling which may result in loss of hair. Nizoral hair loss shampoo is also good for reducing the inflammation and irritation, and its anti-andogen effect prevents the shrinking of hair follicles which can lead to hair loss. The shampoo is suitable for everyone and it is also useful for maintaining healthy hair growth.

Nizoral Shampoo Side Effects

There are some Nizoral shampoo side effects, although these are rare. When using Nizoral shampoo some people have changes in their hair, such as abnormality in the texture, curly hair losing its curly wave, and some colour change. These side effects occur mainly in hair already damaged by chemical use and in grey hair. The hair and scalp may become dry or there may be some oiliness. Other Nizoral shampoo side effects are skin-related, such burning sensations, itching, dryness, eczema, stinging and pimples. It can also cause irritation in the eyes. Nizoral shampoo side effects also include allergic reactions such as rashes, shortness of breath or severe swelling, in which case immediate medical assistance is important. Some people may have a skin allergic inflammation, contact dermatitis. A rare side effect is loss of hair.

Nizoral Cream Hair Loss

Ketoconazole is the active ingredient in Nizoral cream hair loss treatments.

It is used to treat fungal infections, and in some countries it is available only on prescription. The Nizoral cream is applied to the scalp two to three times a week and left applied for many hours. Since it is not visible after application and doesn’t have any cosmetic side effects, it can be used at any time.

Nizoral Ketoconazole

Nizoral ketoconazole shampoo is a popular treatment for hair loss. Nizoral ketoconazole is beneficial for treating one of the three major hair loss problems, androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness). The use of Nizoral ketoconazole 2% is will cause an increase in the hair’s thickness and an increase in the number of hair follicles. The shampoo is good for treating seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff of the scalp. Once every three days, the shampoo should be applied and then left on the scalp for three to five minutes, and then it must be rinsed properly.


Nizoral ketoconazole is commercially available in a number of forms suitable for treating hair loss: as an anti-dandruff shampoo, oral tablet and topical cream. As it is an antifungal medicine, it is also used for treating ring-worm, athlete’s foot, eumycetoma, candidiasis and jock itch. Before using Nizoral ketoconazole, some precautions must be taken. People allergic to ketoconazole and people with kidney and liver disease should not take the tablet. You must avoid taking antacids and drinking alcohol. The shampoo can also be used as body wash, but as it is a medicated shampoo you must use it cautiously and take the necessary precautions. The shampoo is best for treating dandruff and male pattern baldness. Nizoral Hair Loss Treatments vary greatly, one treatment that I personally recommend is this. 

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