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“All healing powers are within your body”- is the core content of all naturopathic treatments.

Naturopathy teaches that the cause of all illness is the toxins that persist in the body a person. Complete healing is possible by the expulsion of these toxins. Strict vegetarian food is provided in all naturopathic centers. Fasting, the most favorable way of recovery is practiced in these centers.

Kerala, South India is known for its Ayurvedic resorts all over. A ‘Monsoon Rejuvenation Package’ is offered by the Kerala tourism Development Corporation together with the sight seeing tours and Ayurvedic Treatment And Massage.

The herbal oil massage therapy, in which the whole body massaged using the herbal oil and the steam bath taken in water mixed with herbs, is a proved rejuvenation therapy. Ayurvedic treatments are considered effective at ‘Karkkadakam’ (monsoon) where there is les heat and the body responds to the treatments.


Milk, salt and lemon the gifts of nature, are the some of the basic things used for treatment in naturopathy.

Lemon- lemon squeezed in a glass full of water heals cough, cold and fever. For high fever boiled lemon juice is effective. Honey added to this solution is better for severe cold. Apply salt, powered molasses and ground black pepper in lemon and the heat it, apply this directly on the tongue- this is most beneficiary method.

Rubbing lemon on the face lightens the pimple marks and a little alum on the lemon improves the complexion; rubbing a half of lemon on teeth gives shiny teeth and reduces bad breath. Drinking water (lukewarm water-350ml) mixed with salt or honey and lemon in early morning on empty stomach is useful to reduce the body weight.

Salt- excessive quantity of salt increases body odor and weakens the gums. Intake of salt induces thirst.

Keep a pinch of salt on tongue or smell a solution (one fourth of the cup) mixed with salt (3g) is helpful to cure headache. Drinking hot water mixed with salt heals upset stomach. Rubbing a hand full of salt on the skin in circular motion softens the skin. It is prescribed to continue a whole week. Soaking feet on warm salt water is effective for rough feet and cracking feet.

Milk- As the heat of the sun helps in digestion of the milk, Naturopathy opts to take milk in the morning. Over heating and addition is not encouraged as it destroys calcium content in the milk, instead is honey is preferred. Milk is prescribed to be drunk at room temperature. Milk should be avoided if on suffers from cough, constipation, diarrhea, stomachache or indigestion. Consumption of cold milk twice a day is good for acidity. Intake of warm milk is effective for hiccups. Apply warm milk on the face (wash it after half an hour) is better for reduces pimples and wrinkles. Fresh milk mixed with a little saffron will lighten the dark lips.

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