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What is Panchakarma Treatment?

The name Panchakarma means five therapies in Sanskrit. Kerala Panchakarma Treatment is a primary treatment for detoxification. There are basically five ayurvedic treatments called Panchakarma that is specialized in the city of Kerala where the trained experts eradicate toxins from the body. This treatment helps in relieving stress and also cures major illness with the help of massage and diet treatment. They are as follows:

· Basti Treatment: It is considered as the most important treatment among all the five. This treatment purifies all the accumulated toxins from 3 doshas of our body such as kapha, pitta and vasa from the course of colon. An ayurvedic oil or ghee mixed with decoction is given as an enema that basically purifies the colon and in turn provides strength to your muscles.


This procedure has to be followed continuously for 8 to 30 days. The treatment helps in curing diseases such as constipation, digestive disorder, piles, backache, cervical problem, obesity, sexual infertility and disability, spondylosis and many others. It is proved to be the best Kerala Panchakarma treatment as it is a revitalizing treatment that can be taken by anybody without doctor’s advice.


· Nasya Treatment: It is one of the effective ayurvedic treatments for diseases like migraine, hormonal imbalance, lack of smell, sinus problem, chronic headache, insomnia disorder and others. During the treatment herbal oil is passed through the nostril that clears kapha toxins accumulated in and around neck and head organs followed by a steam and massage. This treatment takes close to 5 to 10 sessions depending on the requirement. This treatment also helps to increase the memory power, sharpens eye sight, decrease pre-mature graying of hairs, purge excess mucus and many more.


· Vamana Treatment: It is best suitable for asthma, cough, indigestion, diabetes, acidity problem, skin disease and others.  In this treatment the patient is given two to three glasses of salt water that induces therapeutic vomiting sensation after which vomiting is stimulated by rubbing the tongue until the accumulated mucus in stomach and lungs is released. It basically helps in cleansing the upper digestive system and respiratory tract.


· Virechana Treatment: It is a therapeutic process of removing pitta toxins in the form of acidic secretions that are accumulated in gall bladder and liver mainly in the mid-zone of the body. It basically cleanses gastro-intestinal tract. This treatment functions in purifying pitta and therefore, strengthens the metabolic processes in your body. It helps in curing diseases such as colitis, vitiligo, dehydration, gynecological disorder, skin disease like leprosy and many other body disorders. 


· Raktamokshana Treatment: It is the most effective blood purification treatment. It is performed to eliminate toxins from the blood stream through veins. It is painless and safe form of Kerala Panchakarma treatment that is done only by experts. It treats the disorder pertaining to skin such as acne, leucoderma and others. This treatment is not suggested for people suffering from weakness or pregnant women.

The Kerala Panchakarma treatment is a specialized ayurvedic treatment that cures diseases without any allopathic medicines and therefore, has no side effects,

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The influence of Feng Shui, Vaastu and Spiritual Tradition – both Hinduist and Buddhist, is Immanent. Ayurveda and Ayurvedic treatments are used to relieve from illness !

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