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Detox is a fashionable term these days. We often heard celebrities going for detoxification and picture a beautiful place or clinic where they get treatment. Those who have little more information, see detoxification as a practice of taking only liquids for 21 days. Unfortunately, both the definitions are misleading and perilous to an extent, if practiced. In order to actually cleanse your body in a healthy way, the practice of ayurvedic detoxification or panchkarma. Panchakarma is basically the technique of cleansing the entire system of the body. It should be practiced under strict surveillance of a learned ayurveda health specialists, after gaining qualitative information about it.

Importance of ayurveda detoxification

When toxins get accumulated in the body in large amount, they start to clog the channels and tubes; this eventually led the occurrence of diseases. Normally, it is caused due to poor diet, improper lifestyle, stress, variations in environment etc. In order to keep on living a good and healthy life, it is important for us to release out the accrued toxins in body. With the help of ayurvedic detoxification therapy, individuals easily manage to release out theses toxic and gain the strength to normalize the physiological process. This therapy of detoxification or overall cleansing should be administered to a normal person to keep him or her safe from diseases. According to ayurveda specialists and experts, the ideal time to get this therapy done is rainy season.

In addition to cleansing the body, the ayurvedic detoxification is also suggested to patients as a purifying therapy before starting a treatment.

It is believed that the body that is already diseased act as a colored cloth that cannot be colored again as per our wishes. In order to take holistic benefits of the treatment, it is advised to purify or clean the body internally, entirely, before beginning the treatment. With clean and cleared channels, medicines find it easy to penetrate the deeper tissues.

Ayurvedic Detoxification products

During Ayurvedic Detoxification, the patient is given numerous ayurvedic juices, teas and water. Water is indeed one of the best cleansing drinks as it is available to almost every human being at almost no expense. It is highly advised to drink water in the morning to keep the entire system clean and clear. Secondly, herbal teas are also considered as vital cleansing drinks. The book of ayurveda has a wide range of herbal teas. However, people must ensure that their tea is free from caffeine if they are taking it for detoxification. Green tea is the best example of caffeine-free tea.

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