How an Ayurvedic Treatment Can Rejuvenate Your Body and Soul

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There are 4 Ayurvedic treatments that will help in taking out the root of diseases and supply respite. They are referred to as: shodan, shaman, rasayana, and satvajaya. Shodan cleans toxins and waste from the body. Shaman scales down the volume of tenderness, sickness and irritation caused by diseases. Rasayana rejuvenates and reinstates. Satvajaya assists […]

Ginger Herb – Dosage and Useful Properties-herbal Medicines

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Taxonomic Class Zingiberaceae Common Trade Names Multi-ingredient preparations: Cayenne Ginger, Gingerall, Ginger Ease, Ginger Peppermint Combo, Ginger Power, Ginger Root Alcohol Free, Ginger Trips, Low Alcohol Misty Ginger Blend Common Forms Capsules, liquid, powder: 100 mg, 465 mg Extract: 250 mg Root: 530 mg Tablets (chewable): 67.5 mg Also available as teas. Source Ginger (Zingiber […]

The Amazing of Ayurvedic Herbs

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Before the advent of modern medicine as we know it many cultures developed natural medicines called herbs. These cures usually came from plants and other natural substances which today can often be found in the kitchen. Ayurvedic Medicine is a tradition of treating people holistically that has a history of treating disease and preventing illness […]

Recharge Yourself With Ayurvedic Massage

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The Ayurvedic Oil Massage is carried out with warm oil and is a great way of recharging and rejuvenating the mind and body. The “Abhyanga” (Ayurvedic Oil Massage) is an integral part of any daily routine recommended by the Ayurveda Healing System to bring a person overall health and well-being. A full body oil massage, […]

Ayurvedic Beauty: Natural Approach To Aging Skin

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The wisdom of Ayurveda goes well beyond disease prevention. Ayurveda beauty relies on freeing the body from toxins, restoring cellular balance, facilitating complete elimination and re-establishing the balance of the doshas (or mind/body types). Ayurvedic beauty includes two things – diet and lifestyle. These two things help you achieve the way you look and feel. […]

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