Indian Ayurvedic Tour – A Revitalizing Experience

Ayurveda is the ‘Knowledge or Science of Life’. It derives its name from the Sanskrit words Ayush which means ‘Life’ and Veda which means ‘Knowledge’. Ayurveda deals with the preservation of health and release from disease. The Ayurvedic ethics are found in detail in Atharva Veda, one of the four Vedas (Hindu religious books) of […]

The Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment

The subject is too vast that I am forced to confine myself to a few traditional treatments special to Kerala. Dhara (dripping), pizhichil (a form of body irrigation with warm oil), navarakizhi (fomentation with navara rice cooked in milk and decoction), navaratheppu (anointment with a paste made of navara rice powder cooked in milk and […]

Kerala Ayurveda Tourism and Ayurvedic Treatments in Kerala

Kerala Ayurveda tourism has becoming a huge selling point for Kerala tourism industry. State promotes Kerala Ayurveda tourism as a part of medical tourism to the world. Today popularity of Kerala Ayurvedic treatment has gained such a momentum that tourist from across the world come to Kerala to rejuvenate and for therapeutic treatment. Ayurveda is […]

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