Alternative Medicine, Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers Relief

The open sores which appear in the mouth are called as mouth ulcers. They are white or yellow in color, and are generally accompanied with a sharp pain, which is felt most when the person is eating. The pain is quite acute when salty or spicy food passes over the ulcer. Mouth ulcers can occur […]

Cleanse and Rejuvenate – A Simple Ayurvedic Cleansing You Can Do At Home

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A New Year is just beginning, bringing a little excitement within that you have been given another chance to do all those things you promised yourself last year, but never started. A new lease of life, until you try to put your favorite jeans on and find they won’t even zip up! You’ve gained 10 […]

Natural Acne Treatment – Home Remedies

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Home remedies origins from the kitchen and is one of the safest way to get rid of acne condition. They are easy to use and good to follow. There are many sciences like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Chinese Medicines, Traditional Medicine therapy etc believe that our fruits, vegetables and other kitchen materials do carry medicinal value […]

Aromatherapy Natural Hormone Treatment

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Effective research and clinical evaluation has been done in Germany on the main chemical components found in Geranium oil. Clinical results were found for alcohol geraniol found in Geranium oil. The results of these studies show successful treatment for autonomic nervous system imbalances. The autonomic nervous system is known to stimulate our hormonal production and […]

Anemia – Herbal treatment, Ayurvedic Remedies and Home Remedies

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What is Anemia? Anemia is a condition in which the blood is deficient in the body. This deficiency of blood is caused due to the deficiency of iron, which is an essential component of the protein complex, hemoglobin, present in the blood. In anemic persons, the count of hemoglobin in the blood goes down. Hemoglobin […]

Jaundice Home Remedies and Natural Treatment

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Jaundice is a disease of the liver that is characterized by yellowing of the skin and the sclera. It is caused by the high amount of bilirubin in the blood. Depending on the level of the bilirubin, the yellow pigmentation of the skin and the sclera may vary. This yellowness is seen even in the […]

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment at Home

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Avoiding a hemorrhoidectomy, a hemorrhoid operation, is extremely possible if you begin certain steps. Hemorrhoid operations are expensive, and it’s quite painful afterward. You can even have a recurrence of hemorrhoids, also known as piles. Natural hemorrhoid treatment at home is the best and least expensive route to take. You will be avoiding chemicals, drugs, […]

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Acne

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Acne is a skin condition that shows up as different types of bumps. It makes no exceptions. Acne is commonly known as pimple or zit. Acne is a skin condition which is common across the globe. Acne affects most teenagers to some extent. These factors clog the pores and the result is acne. This is […]

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