Conventional Medical Treatment for Cavities

December 8, 2010 by  
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Cavity is a hole in the tooth’s protective enamel layer. Cavities are the result of tooth decay, process triggered by bacteria in the mouth, sugary food, and a vulnerable tooth surface. The bacteria in your mouth help with digestion by converting a portion of the sugars and carbohydrates you consume into acid. This acid and […]

Kerala, a Center for Dental Tourism

October 19, 2010 by  
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Dental Tourism is an integral part of Medical Tourism. The rising number of quality dental clinics have made Kerala an ideal spot for Dental Tourism.Kerala had already risen as a brand in Medical and Ayurvedic Tourism. You can get quality dental treatment for just 10% of the costs incurred, if done in Australia and Europe. […]

Herbal Ayurvedic Toothpaste

February 1, 2009 by  
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  Himalaya Dental Cream is specially formulated herbal ayurvedic toothpaste for dental care and hygiene; its antibacterial and antioxidant action fights germs and a bacterium responsible for dental caries, thereby preventing toothache, prevents bad breath and plaque formation. It also stops bleeding of gums, tightens and reduces swelling of gums, heals gum boils and sores. […]

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