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Now-a-days alternative medicines are gaining momentum continuously, a number of factored has contributed to these results:

o Alternative medicines are not too much costly in comparison to allopathic medicines

o They have almost nil chances of side effects.

o These medicines though not fully experimentally verified yet they are practiced since ancient times.

o Modern scientists are too finding a way to procure benefits from these medicines.

o The medicine could be given to any individual irrespective of age factors.

There are several alternative medicines / therapies like acupressure, acupuncture, magnetic treatment, Yoga & Ayurveda etc.

In this article I will be emphasizing the aspects of Ayurveda in gaining as well as maintaining good health. Ayurveda has proved to be Panacea for several ailments from minor indigestion problems to severe cancer treatment.

Ayurveda is believed to get initiated at the time of Buddha (around 520 B.C.), usually sulphur was used in combination with several herbs and this was considered as ayurvedic medicine. Dhanvantri is considered as God of Ayurveda. As Ayurveda is being practiced since a long time so it is considered as fully safe and sound to intake it without hesitations. In Ayurveda there is cure for almost all ailments, but still Ayurveda is highly useful in curing the following diseases:

o Stress-Related Disorders

o Metabolic Disorders

o Acne

o Allergies

o Asthma

o Anxiety

o Arthritis

o Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

o Colds, Colitis

o Constipation

o Depression

o Diabetes

o Hypertension

o Insomnia

o Nervous Disorders

o Obesity

o Skin Problems

o And Ulcers

Ultimately Ayurveda is one of the best alternative medicines having the full potential to cure even the incurable diseases. But still what is required is a professional Ayurvedic advice from a skilled physician or else you could do the treatment yourself for minor diseases through several books based on Ayurveda.

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