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Ayurveda always lays stress on the amount of sleep. According to the principles every human being must enjoy sound sleep for at least 8 hours, neither more nor less. A baby is allowed to sleep for hours together. For a feeble person some extra sleep is permitted. Those who are elderly frequently suffer from lack of fresh sleep and they need no treatment. But if in your green age you fail to fall asleep or precisely suffer from insomnia you can easily opt for ayurveda to get the best result. According to ayurveda the sleep pattern varies on the pattern of the man’s physical and mental set up. Ayurvedic principle highlights that when you are baby you are in Kapha stage. The moment you reach adulthood you are Pitta type and ultimate you have no other way than to be the Vata type at the very old age.

Ayurveda clearly elaborates that for a Vata type of man 6- 7 hours of sleep is maximum. For a Pitta type it goes thus, 7-8 hours and for the Kapha type 8-9 hours. Ayurveda has found out two basic causes for insomnia. When the Vata is aggravated insomnia inflicts a man and when a man fails to follow the routine life he has be a victim of sleeplessness. Now let us discuss about the Vata type insomnia.

According to ayurvedic philosophy the Vata rules our body. Insomnia due to Vata is caused when Vata is misbalanced. As a result the patient fails to cope with the environment due to depression, worry, anxiety and fear. Vata is misbalanced due to all these factors. When a man leads a sedentary life, pampers sexual pleasure excessively, goes on fasting, makes late night he is sure to be a victim of insomnia. Excessive of anything causes the disturbance of the Vata and that leads to such debacle.

Sometimes it is noted too that a man does not follow the routine life, breaks the pattern of habit.He becomes prone to sleeplessness. Hence ayurveda warns all not to cross the daily habit. The breaking of the routine life makes a man slip from his track and the rhythm of life is totally out of gear. Once the routine life is misbalanced it is very hard to bring it back to its own position. Now it is the task of the ayurvedic physician to bring the patient back to old form. The moment a man fails to keep pace with the nature outside he is a victim of insomnia. When a man, according to ayurvedic philosophy, can organize his life in proper tune with the rhythm of nature he is blessed with sound sleep.

Ayurveda treatments are too useful for you if you have been suffering from sleeping disorders or insomnia. Find ayurvedic remedies for your problem.

Ayurvedic Treatment
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