Ayurvedic Treatment for Weight Loss and Weight Gain

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Obesity and underweight both situations are very dangerous for people. Thus, they need to maintain a normal average weight that helps them to stay away from several diseases and problems. Usually, people suffer from obesity due to the improper diet chart and hectic life schedule. In order to manage the weight properly, people must try the ayurvedic treatment for weight loss. In case suffering from underweight then they must go with the ayurvedic treatment for weight gain.

Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss:

The best part of ayurvedic treatment for weight loss is that it determines the exact or root cause of the problem and directly eliminates the cause. Moreover, it is secure and effective in terms of no risk of side effects and requires only some alteration in your lifestyle and diet chart.

* Initially, bring the changes in your daily routine and include some mild and weight loss exercises.
* Next important thing to consider is your diet chart, make sure that is full of the foods that will augment the digestion such as mango, papaya, and ginger.
* Drink hot water
* Yoga is another best therapy to reduce or burn the excess weight from your body
* Fast one day in a week completely on liquids only
* Chew the ginger (small piece) just before the meal.
* Use some natural herbs for reducing weight such as amakati, triphala, Guggulu and trikatu
* Try to eat your meal in several parts rather than eating one heavy meal at a time
* Yogurt or curd must be included in your meal

Ayurvedic Treatment for weight gain:

It is quite important that you should not be underweight as it makes you very thin and reduces the charm of your personality.

However, there are several major results of underweight condition such as improper immune system and other bone related problems. Thus, ayurvedic treatment for weight gain is a necessary step towards having normal weight.


* Intake less calorie amount, Improper eating habit, Metabolic disorders


* Include the dairy products in your diet such as cheese and milk. Avoid over eating them otherwise you will suffer from obesity
* Afternoon sleep is another natural way of gaining more weight
* Avoid stress and depression
* Intake muskmelon daily for three times continuously 40 days.
* Here are some herbs that could be helpful for weight gain such as ashwagandha, aamlaki and shatavari

This is all about ayurvedic treatment for weight loss as well as ayurvedic treatment for weight gain.

The author recommends ayurvedic treatment for many health problems like weight loss, hair loss, skin problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, liver infection, cancer and low blood pressure. Read about ayurvedic treatment for weight loss and ayurvedic treatment for weight gain.

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