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Ayurveda is a treasure for all of us. With the advance of technology many treatment have come up but they also have their bad sides but with ayurvedic treatment and home remedies the chances for bad sides is nearly no. Ayurvedic home remedies can be followed by you sitting at you home and you can easily make them give good effects to your children, young or old at home. Ayurvedic treatment for children is mostly common as these are fresh herbs or foods and unlike antibiotic does not make the kids go weak with their intake. Let us look at some of the most common home remedies used on children which has derived from Ayurveds,

* The first one is obviously turmeric added in milk for cold and cough
* Pure honey and Tulsi for cough for more harder or long term cough the leaves of basak, bipul and tulsi made together a mix and given as a tonic.
* Using neem paste in the areas where there is a spot or a rash due to any reasons on the skin of the baby.
* For babies having heavy cough in their chest is given ghee in milk to have it removed.

There are many such ones available in the market as also that can make you stay healthy and happy in life without the intake of antibiotics. For kids using Ayurvedic treatment for children is more safe as this will make them stay away from those hard medicines which will also give them immune power to fight with the diseases.

Let us look at some of the consciousness that you must have before starting any ayurvedic home remedies,

* Children below certain age cannot say what is the physical problem they are having but you need to sense, so if you feel that after giving anything the situation adverse stop immediately.
* You must be aware of the allergic effects that you children may have.
* If the situation does not improve much after few days of the home remedies visit medical practitioner immediately.

Ayurvedic home remedies are easy and can be followed any time you want during the year for your kids as also anywhere. You can also visit ayurvedic doctors, they are easily available online nowadays also and discuss the problem that your child is facing and then go for the Ayurvedic treatment for children that he suggests.

The author recommends ayurvedic treatment for many health problems like weight loss, diabetes, hair loss, skin problems and many more. Read about sex education for children and ayurvedic treatment for children.

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