Ayurvedic Medicines to Reduce Depression

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Depression is in fact a mental state where mind is clouded with all kinds of sadness, insecure feeling, tension, anxiety, low mood and worries. This kind of mood change can also create problems in a person’s physical health as well. Due to depression a person loses complete interest in all affairs of their life and tries to withdraw himself, as a result his mental condition also worsens. With the help of Ayurvedic treatment you can reduce depression, which will reduce your worries and tensions and you can be highly benefitted.

It has been observed that usual causes of panic attacks and depression for women are because of imbalance in their hormonal condition, menopause, pregnancy and also indication of pre-menstrual syndrome. Few other causes of depression could be excessive usages of few drugs for the treatment of other diseases, sudden failure in professional and academic career, family problems or loss of any near or dear ones.  Financial worry and bad health can also be few other main reasons of getting depressed.

However, there are few people who posses very strong mind and can easily overcome all these issues without any problem, while few others find it very difficult to control their mind. Such kind of people in fact requires this treatment. Ayurveda is considered to be very effective treatment to reduce depression. Plenty of natural plants are available, which can help in treating the depression effectively.

Following are few of the well known Ayurvedic medicine, which can remove causes of panic attacks and are also very useful for the treatment of depression.

1. Ashwagandha – This plant is very effective and well known for producing best desired results to reduce depression. With the help of this herb it is possible to nourish the nervous system. In order to revitalize your brain this is considered to be very effective. You can also enhance your mood with regular consumption. This herbal medicine contains anti-depressant agents, which can help you to provide sufficient relief to your mind to get out of depression. You can also reduce your tension, anxiety and stress.

2. Brahmi – This is an excellent plant for producing brain tonic. This herbal plant contains certain properties, which can reduce anxiety, stress, tension, & depression very effectively. You can easily soothe your brain and for curing insomnia this can be very effective medicine. Many causes of panic attacks can also be addressed with this.

3. Shatavari- In order to cure women’s health this can be an excellent plant. It is also useful in treating stress related diseases.

4. Shankhpushpi- This plant is very effectively used for the treatment of depression. You can get good sleep by consuming it.

5. Gingko biloba – this improves the flow of blood in the brain and helps in reducing stress.

6. Saint John’s wort – Very well known plant for the treatment of anxiety, stress and depression. 

In addition to these herbal medicines for the treatment of depression you also need good diet, daily exercise, Yoga, better lifestyle and meditation, which is also part of Ayurvedic treatment.  You can consult a good Ayurvedic practitioner before taking any treatment.



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