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According to Ayurveda an ancient healing system, one develops allergies when ojas (life force) is depleted & when the immune system is weakened.  High quality ojas  is primarily built from  proper digestion of wholesome foods, and is depleted through stress, lack of rest, toxic foods, irregular eating habits and routines & turbulent emotions. Ayurvedic management of allergies includes :

a) Diet, Nutrition and Digestion – Allergies can be aggravated through improper diet. Foods that can be easily digested, creating nutrients that are then assimilated into the tissues to rebuild their strength is  recommended. Prepare foods in ways that create maximum nourishment for the body.

b) Stress Management and Improved Emotional Function-Allergies are worsened by heightened stress and mental fatigue. Sleep disturbance that is often created by symptoms of allergies increases fatigue, which in turn increases one’s susceptibility to stress, which in turn aggravates the allergy condition. Meditation relieves the stress component of allergies.

c) Lifestyle and Daily Routine – Regularity in our daily routine is highly effective as one of the most important factors for balancing Vata and keeping the natural cleansing processes strong is to have a lifestyle that does not disturb natural bodily rhythms

d) Ayurvedic Herbs -Appropriate herbal formulas is advised for aiding the healing process, strengthening digestion and helping the body purify itself.

e) Herbalized Oil Massage – Daily oil massage creates heat and friction which enhance circulation and help cleanse the areas of chemical impurities that could be causing symptoms of allergies.

f) Cleansing therapies – Treatment program of massage, application of herbalized preparations and mild internal cleansing therapies like panchakarma is the cornerstone of ayurvedic treatment.

g) Exercise – Ayurveda considers proper stretching and flexibility exercises to have a very positive effect on the body’s healing response and the treatment of allergies.

Yoga breathing practices that create a state of restful alertness in mind and body.

Thus, Ayurveda is an integrated approach to allergy as it eliminates toxin buildup, stabilize the nervous system, enliven the healing ability of the body and manage stress and thereby strikes the allergy at its root.

Once a week, I use an Ayurvedic cleansing tea to shampoo my hair while wearing yarn twists. In this video, I share another cleansing tea recipe and show how you can make it *without* a coffee pot! Recipe: 5 cups water* 2 tablespoons reetha (aritha) powder (to cleanse) 1 tablespoon shikakai powder (to cleanse) 1 tablespoon amla powder (to condition) 1 tablespoon hibiscus powder (to condition) ¼ cup aloe vera gel (to moisturize) 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (to remove excess oil) 10 drops tea tree essential oil (to clean hair follicles of residue) *On June 26, 2011, I tried making the the tea with less water (used about 2-3 cups) and it was a disaster! The yarn in my hair absorbed most of the liquid and I had very little tea remaining to wash my hair. So, if you are using the tea to clean hair while wearing yarn, more is better. Less liquid would work if you are just washing hair (minus yarn). See a different cleansing tea recipe: See how I use the cleansing tea while wearing yarn twists: Want to see more Ayurvedic videos? Go to my channel – – and click on the “All Things Ayurvedic” playlist. See more ayurvedic recipes here: Do Your Research! There are many Ayurvedic powders and recipes and wrong combinations can dry out hair. Learn how others use the powders. Search the boards of the Long Hair Care Form, Black Hair Media, and the Curly Nikki Forum. Hair Disclaimer: I enjoy sharing what I am
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