Ayurvedic Medicines – A Safer and Much Preferred Option

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Ayurveda, also known as the science of life, is a holistic healing science native to the Indian subcontinent. Now it is practiced in almost all parts of the world. It has become one of the most popular and beneficial treatment options among people. The word ‘Ayurveda’ has evolved out of Sanskrit which is actually a […]

Ayurvedic Medicine For Mind and Body – Knowing Your Prakriti

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It means “science of life” and it has been practiced in India for more than 5,000 years. Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest and most revered forms of holistic healing, and people respond to it because it involves only natural therapies, its approach is a highly individualized one, and it combines work on both […]

Types Of Warts And Their Treatment With Ayurveda

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Warts are small skin tumors that can arise unexpectedly and anyplace on the skin. They are generally round in shape and exfoliate like a cabbage. Warts can occur anywhere on the body, but they are more common on the hands and the feet. Depending on their location and their shape, there are different types of […]

Dry Skin Treatment With Herbal and Ayurvedic Remedies

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Excessively dry skin can put a great dampener on the overall appearance of the person. Dry skin lacks the glow and the sheen of normal skin. It can become easily scratched and cracked, due to which there could be bruises on the skin even with slight frictions. Dry skin also loses its natural color. For […]

Kerala Travel Tourism

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Fun and relaxation are necessary to avoid the stress and tension of the modern world. People are going for different activities for reducing the stress. Watching movies, listening music, traveling to tourist places etc are the most commonly chosen methods. Traveling is a good habit. It will create an unforgettable experience in our mind. Good […]

Hotels in Kerala and Kerala Beach Resorts

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Kerala is a state on the Southwestern tip of India. The name ‘Keralam’ or ‘Kerala’ actually comes from the Malayalam word “Keram. Fondly referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala was selected by the National Geographic Traveller as one of the 50 most sought after destinations and one of the thirteen paradises in the world. […]

Kerala, a Center for Dental Tourism

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Dental Tourism is an integral part of Medical Tourism. The rising number of quality dental clinics have made Kerala an ideal spot for Dental Tourism.Kerala had already risen as a brand in Medical and Ayurvedic Tourism. You can get quality dental treatment for just 10% of the costs incurred, if done in Australia and Europe. […]

Ayurvedic Cure For Women Sexual Problems

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Ayurveda’s Help To Sexual Problems In Women Unlike men who are easily stimulated to have a sex session , women need a lot of stimulation before they can get aroused for a sex session . The most important difference between men and women lies in the time it takes to have orgasm between men and […]

Do You Know These Effective Anti-Aging Treatment Choices?

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Everyone in the world wants to look young. Unfortunately, we cannot stop the aging process. Once you cross your 3’s you will start to feel that there is no hope to be beautiful anymore. Or is it? Actually, there are many ways in which you can feel younger and look more beautiful. You have to […]

Acne Treatment in Ayurveda

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Acne is a skin problem that leaves majority teenagers and a lot of adults embarrassed. The skin condition called acne occurs due to accumulation of an oily matter called sebum secreted by sebaceous glands of the skin. Acne can affect face (nose, forehead, cheeks and chin), upper back, neck, shoulders, and chest area. The condition […]

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