Coma and Semi-Coma – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

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Coma refers to a state of unarousable psychological unresponsiveness in which the subject lies with eyes closed and shows no response to external stimuli or inner need. Involuntary functions like heart-beat and respiration continue, though they may be irregular due to some concurring or causative disease. Deep coma refers to a state where corneal, pupillary, […]

Diabetes Mellitus – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

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Diabetes mellitus is a medical condition in which the capacity to produce insulin in the body is marginally or significantly reduced. Because of this condition, glucose uptake by the body cells becomes deficient, and blood sugar levels increase. Type 1 diabetic patients produce little or no insulin, and hence need insulin injections to control their […]

HIV & AIDS – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment, an Update

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HIV infection is a medical condition characterized by a progressive deficiency in the immune system of the human body, caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Currently there is no cure for this condition. However, anti-retroviral therapy has succeeded in reducing the virus count to a bare minimum, and has helped the immune system to improve. […]

Recurrent Common Cold – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

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The common cold is supposed to be one of the most trivial of ailments, and yet is responsible for significant absences from work and school, both for adults as well as children. While it is common for adults to be affected about 2 – 4 times a year, and for children, about 5 – 10 […]

Burns Septicemia – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

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Burns cause a higher susceptibility to infection as compared to other forms of trauma, because of extensive skin barrier disruption, a higher proportion of moist and dead tissue, compromise of the immune system, prolonged hospitalization, and the need for invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. This causes a very high increase in morbidity and mortality; and […]

Traumatic Brain Injury – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an injury caused by an impact to the head from direct blows or sudden body movements. Diffuse axonal injury involves widespread injury to the brain instead of localized damage, and constitutes one of the most common types of TBI. This condition can result in severe physical, cognitive, behavioral and emotional […]

Ayurvedic Treatments for Arthritis: Old is New

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Sometimes what modern man considered the “old ways” of healing have a way of coming round to be known as the “new way”. Such is the case with Ayurvedic Medicine Treatments for Arthritis. Based on ancient Brahmin Indian treatments 3,000 to 4,000 years old, this holistic approach to helping sufferers cope with arthritis is enjoying […]

Stroke (Paralysis) – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

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Stroke is a medical emergency which results when the blood supply to a part of the brain is cut off or greatly reduced. An ischemic stroke is the most common type of stroke, occurring about 80 – 85 % of the time, and is due to a blood vessel in the brain getting blocked because […]

Indian Ayurvedic Tour – A Revitalizing Experience

Ayurveda is the ‘Knowledge or Science of Life’. It derives its name from the Sanskrit words Ayush which means ‘Life’ and Veda which means ‘Knowledge’. Ayurveda deals with the preservation of health and release from disease. The Ayurvedic ethics are found in detail in Atharva Veda, one of the four Vedas (Hindu religious books) of […]

Acne Remedies – Ayurvedic Treatments May Help You

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Acne is perhaps the most dreaded health problem when one is an adolescent. Due to hormonal changes related with puberty and subsequent blood impurities, yellow pus-filled growths appear on the face, which are known as pimples. When this happens, it is said that the person is suffering from acne. Almost everyone will have pimples at […]

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