Leg Pains – Dietary and Ayurvedic Treatment, Home Remedies

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Pains in the legs could be due to joint pains or due to muscle cramps. Joint pains are generally observed in arthritis, a condition which sets in as the person’s advances in age. In arthritis, the articulation of the bones gradually wears out over time, leading to pains whenever they function. This is called as […]

Ayurvedic Arthritis Treatments

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Arthritis Arthritis is basically a medical condition in which an individual suffers from joints pain. It is caused by damage to the joints and has become quite widespread in the present day world. Many people above 55 years of age are suffering from arthritis today. There are different from of arthritis, of which the most […]

Triphala – Natural Colon Cleanser, Triphala Benefits, Ayurvedic Treatment of Constipation, Constipation, Internal Cleanser

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Ayurveda is a 5,000 year-old healing tradition rooted in very old Indian culture. This vast body of healing knowledge — from time to time referred to as the “Mother of All Healing” — has lately come to the attention of Western medical researchers seeking novel therapeutic compounds. While screening a number of traditional Vedic formulas […]

Best Herbal and Ayurvedic Cure for Eczema Treatment

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Eczema is a skin disease, which is observed as exfoliation of the skin, mostly accompanied by severe itching. In the chronic stages, there may be oozing of pus and bleeding from the affected regions. It is also commonly referred to as dermatitis. In Ayurveda, eczema is known as Vicharchika. It is caused due to the […]

Specially Selected Yoga Exercises in Ayurvedic Treatment

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Ayurveda is the traditional natural medicine of India dating back over 5000 years. It is a unique holistic system of healing based on the interaction of body, mind and spirit. Originally the wisdom of Ayurveda, and other ancient Indian wisdom, was passed orally from one generation to another. The name Ayurveda derives from two Sanskrit […]

Herbal and Ayurvedic Treatment for Diarrhea

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When there is a problem with the digestive system, then the stools may be voided in extremely watery form. This indicates the presence of water in the stools, which leads to dehydration. This condition is known as diarrhea. In Ayurveda, diarrhea is known as Atisara. Vitiation in any of the three doshas can cause atisara. […]

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